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Automatically download email attachments based on filters and schedules
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Mail Attachment Downloader does exactly what its name suggests: it fetches any file that has been sent as an attachment to your email address. It has the main advantage of doing this in batches, so you do not need to get the attachments manually. Compared to a standard email client, this tool is not intended to download the messages but only the accompanying files.

The program has a straightforward interface and you can easily add new accounts by providing the server’s name and port. It supports POP3, IMAP and Exchange servers. Luckily, Gmail, AOL and Yahoo Mail accounts are configured automatically just by providing your email address and password.

Mail Attachment Downloader has several advantages, most of them related to automating the process. In this respect, it is good to know that the program works one way only as it checks your email but does not modify the source in any way. Then, by applying filters, you can set it to download attachments that meet specific conditions, such as a sender, subject or date.

Another convenient feature is that you can set file renaming patterns that include the sender’s name as well as the subject or date of the message. The downloaded data is sent to the desired folder without user intervention. Likewise, it is possible to schedule the program to perform the checks at a given time or frequency. Moreover, you will be notified from the System Tray whenever an attachment is received.

The program does its work quite efficiently without interfering with system performance. However, if you feel it is affecting the overall Internet connection speed, you can set limits to the number of simultaneous connections.

All in all, Mail Attachment Downloader is a good choice in terms of automating the management of mail attachments. The product is sold in two licenses: Free (for personal use only) and Pro. The paid license (Pro) allows you to benefit from multiple other features that are not found in the free license, including the possibility to copy, move or delete messages; save info in CSV files, convert files to PDF and other formats; encrypt and decrypt messages; as well as print attachments automatically.

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  • Automates downloading mail attachments
  • Supports various types of accounts
  • Smart filters
  • Automatic file renaming
  • Scheduled downloads


  • The free version does not support multiple accounts
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